About Albert Bridge Capital

Albert Bridge Capital specialises in public market equity investing, and providing expertise and fund management services to institutional investors. Our differentiating, competitive advantage is the application of behaviour finance to a rigorous, fundamental, process-oriented research process.

Our Philosophy

Investment management in public markets is not merely about accurately modelling the fundamentals of a specific company, but about understanding why (if at all) the consensus investor disagrees. Thus, we don’t simply buy companies, we buy shares in those companies from other investors; investors who may be biased one way or the other.

As we search for these unconventional, differentiated, investment ideas, our goal is to seek idiosyncratic volatility with asymmetric payoffs. And if we can successfully identify company fundamentals that are improving markedly more than the market expects, and understand why a temporary bias exists, then we have the opportunity to buy stock from a prejudiced seller. If we then construct a portfolio that retains concentration in these types of investments, then we at least will have a chance to generate alpha over time, and that is our primary focus.