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Passive vs Active

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting?

Last week, Finance Twitter erupted over a Bloomberg article about Michael Burry [i] and how he likened passive investment in equity markets to the bubble in the synthetic CDO market back in 2007, which he famously – thanks to Michael Lewis and Christian Bale – identified.
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Passively Irrational?

Some of you may remember the quant crash of August 2007.
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123 Years of the Dow

Presented without comment.
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Data Science and Alpha

As the investment community embraces data science, we should not be blind to the reality that many of our active-management peers are
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Passive Flows and Wheelbarrows

A nightly sort of the most active US names is usually dominated by ETFs. Earlier this month, we took a peek at the most heavily traded names on one particular day.
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Robots and Alpha

The trend from active to passive (or systematic) investing is now well-entrenched.
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