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A Memo to Investors

I know, these are weird and trying times. It all makes you wonder what the point of stock-picking is. What is the purpose of kicking the tires, looking under the hood, and doing our jobs?
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Was “Value” Just a Hot Hand Thing?

In 1861, at the outset of the Civil War in the United States, Union Pacific issued 20 shares in its IPO.
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The Hot-Hand Fallacy Fallacy Fallacy?

Many of you will be familiar with the so-called “hot-hand” fallacy, or (perhaps) the lack thereof.
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The Times that Try Stock-Pickers’ Souls

On first principles, there is one way to generate excess stock market returns over the long term, and it isn’t to “own winners at any price.”
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A Different Game?

I was out shooting baskets this weekend, thinking about the concept of inversion.
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COVID-19 and related counteractive policies have had an extremely negative impact on domestic and global economies. Whether or not you believe that the policies weren’t strong enough, or if they were overzealous, we are where we are.
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We Don’t Make Pizzas

Here at the Albert Bridge Restaurant, the investment team has the chefs, the IR team has the waiters, and the operations team ensures that the shop runs smoothly so that we can keep on serving up alpha (hopefully) to you, our customers.
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On the Impact of the FAMANGs

Market headlines, globally, have been dominated by the storied performance of a select few transformational, winner-take-all business models.
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Passively Irrational?

Some of you may remember the quant crash of August 2007.
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Factor Timing, Should You Try?

These are our two cents on whether you, or we, or anyone else can pick the perfect time.
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Peak Quality?

Mr. Market has been increasingly attracted to and enamoured by the concept of “quality” investing. So, let’s explore it.
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On Passive Flows, Smart Money, and Alpha

The trend from active to passive (or systematic) investing is now well-entrenched.
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