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Was “Value” Just a Hot Hand Thing?

In 1861, at the outset of the Civil War in the United States, Union Pacific issued 20 shares in its IPO.
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The Times that Try Stock-Pickers’ Souls

On first principles, there is one way to generate excess stock market returns over the long term, and it isn’t to “own winners at any price.”
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A New Ice Age?

I’ll spend $3 at the 7-11 for a bag of ice, and drop it in a cooler. I really like ice.
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Grandpa Stocks

There are young companies out there that are exciting, growing quickly, and very clearly have the world in front of them.
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Ben Graham the Growth Investor?

We’re all for debunking myths, and given the performance of growth stocks recently, we’re making a pre-emptive strike in defense of the father of value investing.
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The DCF is the Randy Watson of Valuation

I’m not very well-rounded. I studied finance in college, and finance in business school.
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Keeping Calm and Carrying On

October unleashed a storm upon financial markets.
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Factor Timing, Should You Try?

These are our two cents on whether you, or we, or anyone else can pick the perfect time.
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Build a Bear?

Imagine every adult has 10% of their savings invested in “the global stock market”,
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We’re all Value Investors

Imagine two scenarios.
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Peak Quality?

Mr. Market has been increasingly attracted to and enamoured by the concept of “quality” investing. So, let’s explore it.
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Evidently, the closest thing we in financial markets have to Albert Einstein or Winston Churchill, is Warren Buffett.
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Still Superman, but without the cape

I have immense respect for Bob Shiller.
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Pegs, P/E'S and the Value Premium

Several years ago, we did an analysis of companies starting with a specific starting growth rate, and assumed that they would do a straight-line ten-year fade to a growth rate equalling inflation.
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Secular Winners and Value Investing

There are very few growth investors that stayed in business long enough to become a household name in the investment community, and even less of them that ended up writing books about their lifetime experiences.
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