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Conversation with Dr. Daniel Crosby on his Standard Deviations Podcast

Drew joins Dr. Daniel Crosby on the Standard Deviations podcast.
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How Did This Even Happen?

No, I’m not talking about the winner of the Presidential election or COVID-19 or 2020. I’m talking about something I saw Rex Chapman tweet out over the weekend.
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The Hot-Hand Fallacy Fallacy Fallacy?

Many of you will be familiar with the so-called “hot-hand” fallacy, or (perhaps) the lack thereof.
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A Different Game?

I was out shooting baskets this weekend, thinking about the concept of inversion.
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Prediction, Publicity, and Paul the Octopus

Unlike many other market observers, we just don’t see the point in discussing or debating the macroeconomics driving overall markets, volatility, or sentiment.
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Stay in the Game

This is going to be an uncharacteristic departure for me. This story is deeply personal, for our family, and for our oldest son in particular.
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James Harden and Alpha

I played high school basketball in Indiana. I won a few honors, but was broadly mediocre, and certainly not NCAA D1 material.
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Debiasing and Alpha

We manage a concentrated portfolio of investment ideas.
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Horses and Stocks

Bet With The Best, Chapter 3: Crist on Value
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Bill Sharpe and Hank Aaron

We basically need to hold something different (either securities or bet sizes) than the “market”.
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Rick Barry and Lewis Carroll

The goal of our business, very simply, is to generate excess returns for our investors without taking commensurate risks.
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