Dickson, formerly of Fidelity and Och-Ziff, spun his Alpha Europe strategy off the Perella Weinberg Partners (PWP) platform, launching the strategy independently in the spring of 2016 with assets under management of $125 million.

Former PWP colleagues have re-joined him, including Doriana Pavlicu, Charles Hwang, and Jeremie Dadoun, filling out a team of nine backed by a large US university endowment. Dickson’s formative years working and studying under behavioural economist Richard Thaler at the University of Chicago, underpin the behavioural finance elements of the investment process.

The Albert Bridge team follows a bottom-up, deep-dive fundamental equity strategy with the goal of generating differentiated, idiosyncratic returns, capitalising on superior, objective analysis; while taking advantage of biases of the consensus investor. He constructs the portfolio in a reasonably concentrated manner, with the top ten positions representing 65% of assets under management since the strategy’s inception in April of 2008.

Before spinning off the PWP platform in December of 2014, cumulative net returns in the Alpha Europe Long Only Fund had reached 135.9%, representing annual returns of 13.5%.